Helsinki MIssion Conference Day 1&2

This past weekend was a particularly busy one for me,aprt from attending the Samba carnival i was also at the Helsinki mission conference.

There was some some sort of centenary anniversary of the mission or so..sorry couldnt get much of what was happening as everything was done Finnish which i have the least bit of idea about right now.

I promise to explain when i get a hang of the langauage …lol.

Anyways the music was great   totally awesome, especially from the Higher Ground Choir,As a musician i can say this is one of the best Gospel band i’ve heard in the whole Scandinavia. They ROCK.

The second day witnessed another performance by an African band led by Olanrewaju Iwalehin, who did put up a great performance that gave  everyone a taste of African gospel music.

As usual, here are some pictures of the Bands in action.


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