Foto Fair weekend!!

Just had one very interesting weekend….It all started with my decision to attend the annual Photo fair in the capital, Helsinki on Saturday. It started quite well but took an unexpected twist with cops virtually taking over the area next to the venue of the event,which prompted a lot of curiosity from a lot of folks only to find out today that a guy, had decided to to shoot his partner who was on her way to Estonia before finally shooting himself …like Dead!!!! the incident made me realise how lucky i am to be alive and to appreciate the beautiful around me who constantly show me love and tolerate my faults. I love you all.

Back to da matter! the photo fair went pretty with a lecture by a veteran sports photographer Kari Kuuka, who shared his experience using The Canon 400mm Lseries lens for sports photography.( he told me the bad boy costed him like 11grand in Euros),Fortunately i had a translator who did a fantastic job with the translation as the lecture was in Finnish. i guess  Now im inspired again to think out of the box in my shots.

The fair ended on two pretty notes…first was checking out the autograph session with ”Marry me” eurovision singer Krista Siegfrids who was also around ,and finally picking up a canon 600D with kit lens at an insanely discounted price,i must say im pretty satisfied right now.

Enjoy some pictures from the event.

Until my next post guys. Have a blessed week.



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