A weekend with Aaron Keyes and Band

Things have been a little busy on my side lately , hence the slow down in my posting, but i promise to work harder at updating my posts more regularly.

Im sure this past weekend would count as one great memorable one, reason been my encounter with one of the coolest sets of guys i’ve met in recent times.These guys are members of a  worship band from the US, led by Aaron keyes.

It started with a church service at United Community Church in the Espoo area of copenhagen where Aaron led the service with an awesome worship experience followed by a workshop focused on worship.

In between the service and the workshop I had the opportunity to meet the band(Preston the bass player,Austin on the guitar and Ryan on drums) ,Interacting with them revealed down to earth guys with  hearts passionate for worship , it almost felt that we had known each other for ages…an experience i would cherish for a long time.

The band’s Finnish tour ended with a worship concert on Monday,which was held in the Agricola church in Helsinki. The atmosphere was filled with worship and the audience felt the lifting and Gods presence in the air.

I definitely left inspired!

As usual here are the pictures from the concert.

And to Aaron, i hope my pictures succeeded in making you guys look good and looking forward to seeing you guys again sometime in the future.




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